The Countdown to eft’s 2018 D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit

Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, Booth #9 | Brooklyn, NY | May 10-11, 2018

The D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit brings together 400+ supply chain executives of major and fast-growing retailers, brands, CPG and service provider companies to solve the most crucial supply chain challenges and opportunities affecting the industry today.

Be sure to check out our session during the show: Chris Richter, Convey's VP of Revenue, is joining Craig Jones, ALDO's VP of Supply Chain, Kushal Nahata, FarEye's Co-Founder & CEO, and Jared Mellin, Peloton Cycles' VP of Operations to discuss how to leverage technology and provide a complete delivery management platform to create a flexible and seamless customer experience.

With so many great sessions to see, we picked out our most anticipated sessions during the D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit.

Day 1 | May 10

Opening Keynote: The State of Retail in 2018 – What does the Future Hold?

8:20 AM
Speaker: Cristina Ceresoli, SVP Retail Strategy (National Retail Foundation)

Kicking off the conference,  NRF’s Cristina Ceresoli will introduce the current state of retail for the United States and more than 45 countries.

Redesigning Retail’s New Battleground

8:35 AM
Speaker: Preston Mosier, SVP of Fulfillment Operations (Target)

Preston Mosier will discuss Target has been redefining the role of retail operations. When consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on how fast they can get products in their hands, find out how the shipper is meeting growing demands.

Track B: Create a flexible and seamless last mile customer experience

10:50 AM
Speakers: Chris Richter, VP Revenue (Convey); Craig Jones, VP Supply Chain (ALDO Group); Kushal Nahata, Co-founder & CEO (FarEye); Jared Mellin, VP Operations (Peloton Cycles)
Moderator:  Jamison Hill, Principal Bain (Capital Ventures)

In this panel, supply chain experts will discuss steps to take in establishing a simple, consolidated platform. Attendees will walk away with a plan to enable customers to manage their delivery preferences, choose delivery slots, track shipments, and enable feedback on their experience

Track A: Modernizing eCommerce logistics: From start-ups to the Fortune 1,000

2:00 PM
Speaker: Karl Siebrecht, Co-Founder & CEO (FLEXE)

Discover how to grow your business into more locations easily to meet customer demands for fast, affordable delivery by shortening the last mile.

Track A: How Adore Me’s data-driven approach has disrupted a $24B industry

3:00 PM
Speaker: Romain Liot, COO (Adore Me)

With Adore Me, it all goes back to the data and customers. Driving innovative attitudes, harnessing eCommerce data, and utilizing data to accelerate growth are only a few reasons why the shipper has stormed the lingerie industry — hear how it plans to create disruption.

Keynote: Recipe for a robust supply chain: A core vision for your company, strong business-technology alignment, and an internal culture that fosters innovation and job satisfaction

4:55 PM
Speaker: Bill Best, DVP Supply Chain (REI)

At REI, everything starts with the customer. Between having goals, strategy, core value, and technology, Bill Best discusses how REI started with customer needs to create a vision and establish an amazing, innovative workplace for his employees.

Day 2 | May 11

Delivering a customer-centric experience

9:10 AM
Speaker: Todd Skiles, SVP Sales & Solutions (Ryder Logistics)

When it comes down to the final mile, seamless delivery can create an impression for the ages. In this session, Todd will discuss best practices to provide a consistent, unified customer experience in a fragmented customer journey.

Panel: Scaling your supply chain – How to maintain an exceptional brand experience when balancing the demands of high-growth eCommerce fulfillment

12:40 PM
Speakers: Sana Raheem, Head of Operations (The Farmers Dog); Sarah Hague, Executive Director (Glossier); Mike Pezzicola, Head of Operations – Expansion (Google Express);
Moderator:  Jamison Hill, Principal (Bain Capital Ventures)

The question of how Millennials are evolving the workplace is a hot topic, but as eCommerce grows, how are Millennials planning on evolving the supply chain? This panel explores the consideration made by young and successful eTailers when scaling their supply chain in the face of a very fast growing eCom business to manage the speed of change and capabilities.

Fireside Chat: How to create the technological and network capabilities required to solve the last mile challenge

1:25 PM
 Sergio Villalobos, Director Global 3PL Strategy (Nike)
Moderator: Catherine Cooper, President (World Connections)

How did Nike come its operational supply chain challenges? In this session, Sergio Villalobos discusses how to overcome last mile challenges through tech integrations and the creation of a sustainable network structure.

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