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Convey Announces New Carrier Portal for Proactive Transportation Case Management

Contextual views, multi-party collaboration and rich documentation provide faster time to resolution for distressed deliveries.

AUSTIN, Texas — Convey, the leading active delivery management platform, today announced the addition of powerful new case management features to its Engage product that provide critical context around distressed shipments, and improve workflows for shipper-carrier collaboration and expedited issue resolution.

Exception management only addresses discreet delivery issues within a single shipment — such as a schedule change, incorrect address, damaged or cancelled item. For many organizations, managing exceptions on a global scale can be a costly, inefficient and error-prone process — involving thousands of emails, phone calls and spreadsheets exchanged between shippers and carriers. Convey’s case management solution builds upon its proven exception management capabilities, further streamlining the workflows involved with resolving transportation issues.

Unlike exceptions where the reported status does not always represent the evolving state of an incident, cases enable users to manage ongoing progress separate from current shipment standing. This includes the ability to create a case where no issue had previously been flagged, or to manage larger incidents that may impact multiple shipments — such as a trailer fire resulting in numerous damaged shipments in need of disposition. Cases can be opened, managed and resolved entirely independent of the exception lifecycle. In addition, multi-party, real-time collaboration allows actions to be assigned between shippers and carriers and documents such as images and PDFs to be attached to case records.  

In early beta testing, shipment exceptions processed through Convey’s case management solution were resolved 4X faster than those that weren’t, and required an average of only four touchpoints to resolve. Today, more than 22,000 exceptions are managed through Convey’s platform each day.

“Too often, issues associated with distressed deliveries don’t become evident until it’s too late in the process to intervene and solve the problem,” said Lance Harcrow, senior vice president of sales and operations at Estes Forwarding Worldwide.

“With Convey, a dock worker can now identify and report a damaged package to a shipper, requesting a disposition on whether to destroy, return or send the package on to the customer — in just minutes. Having a contextual view of shipment issues and the tools to report and take action on them at the individual user level, is a powerful capability and competitive advantage.”

Additional benefits of Convey’s real-time case management solution include:

  • Fewer transit time failures and more customer promises met or exceeded
  • Fewer items sitting on docks awaiting issue resolution and greater terminal capacity
  • Reduced carrier fees and fines and improved shipper appeasement costs
  • Increased network performance intelligence leading to improved operational efficiencies and gains

“Today, one of the most challenging elements of creating a successful journey is the ability for shippers and carriers to quickly and easily communicate,” said Matt Howitt, vice president of product at Convey, Inc.

“Our case management solution represents a fundamental shift in the daily workflow of thousands of shipper and carrier employees that can only be rivaled by a fully-owned internal delivery network. In the era of Amazon, we’re taking the complexity out of working with multiple carrier partners and streamlining interactions to make all parties as efficient and effective as possible.”


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