Delivery Digest: August 2016

August’s edition of the Delivery Digest includes a special report from Multichannel Merchant on how to kick holiday delivery experiences into high gear, an article on why tiny items arrive in giant boxes from The Wall Street Journal, and an article from Innovative Retail Technologies on how the delivery experience influences consumer’s brand perspective.

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Improve Your Customer’s Holiday Delivery Experience By Shifting Into High Gear For The Final Mile

It’s time to fine-tune your 2016 holiday operations and improve the customer experience across the board. There are some problems that will just have to wait until after the holiday season to address, but you can address poor delivery experiences and produce dramatically improved results and customer satisfaction in that area in the next few weeks.

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Online Shopping Mystery: Why Tiny Items Arrive in Giant Boxes

It’s an experience familiar to every online shopper: You order something extra—socks, some batteries—in order to reach the minimum dollar amount to qualify for free shipping. A few days later, your small, add-on item arrives in a big box, encased in miles of Bubble Wrap and tissue paper.

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Innovative Retail Technologies

Delivering A Lasting Impression: How the Delivery Experience Influences Consumer's Brand Perspective

Current industry conversations emphasize on retailers’ search for the next competitive edge. Buzzwords ranging from omnichannel to unified commerce to an enhanced in-store experience are presently sending retailers scrambling in all directions to find the perfect solution for consumers’ needs. It’s no secret retailers are in search of the “secret sauce” that will differentiate them among their competitors and leave a positive sentiment in their minds – all while maintaining their bottom line

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Reinventing the Delivery Experience for Residential Freight

Imagine you went online to and ordered an outdoor patio table. After seamlessly completing your purchase online, you then receive your tracking information. Excited to see when your table will arrive, you find that you have been directed to a 3rd party carrier for tracking — not the retailer. After navigating the 3rd party carrier’s site, instead of seeing a detailed timeline showing your table’s journey — you only see “in transit”. Not only are you left in the dark about where the item is, but the delivery estimate is a 12-hour window for which you have to be home to receive the package.

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Guide to Freight Class

Download the guide to learn how freight classifications are determined. Walk through an example of how to determine a commodity’s freight class (NMFC) by considering density, handling, stowability, liability.

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