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LTL Visibility Needed for Retailers during Holidays

LTL shipments increased 638% YoY from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.

The holidays can be a rough time for LTL shippers, since the mixed loads plus more volume in the system often mean they have less control over delivery times and more delays in general. Greater visibility and automation offers to help ease shipper’s minds.

In fact, during the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, growth in LTL shipments outpaced overall shipment growth by three to one, according to research from Convey. LTL shipments increased 638% YoY from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, while overall shipments grew by 239%.

The growth in LTL shipments related to Black Friday, according to Convey, suggests consumers are becoming more comfortable purchasing large items like appliances online, and moves by other carriers suggest that’s a trend likely to escalate.