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4 Delivery Tips for Satisfying Increasingly Impatient Online Shoppers

Less than half of consumers now deem three-day delivery fast.

Consider the last time you, as a shopper, used your mobile device to order something—a ride, food or stream a movie. Chances are that interaction only took a matter of minutes—maybe even just seconds. As fast as you can tap a finger on a Buy button, any item can now be yours. Shoppers’ definition of “fast” is rapidly changing. We now live in a mobile, one-click world where shoppers expect immediacy, great service, fast delivery, responsiveness, and transparency.

Instant gratification may be the new expectation, but most retailers are struggling to keep up. The reality is the challenge to sustainably satisfy these demands is only getting more difficult. There are tens of millions of packages in transit today across parcel, LTL and white glove. Based on Convey’s analysis, approximately 10 percent of those packages are in some form of distress in the form of package delays, damages, address issues or missed delivery attempts.