Top 13 Sessions to Attend at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Conference

JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa | Booth #610 | Phoenix, Arizona | May 14 - 17, 2018
Convey team at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Convey team at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

With technology disruption blazing through the headlines, Convey is excited to head to the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, where experts will discuss how to transform supply chain disruption into an advantage. During the show, be sure to not miss Rob Taylor, Convey’s CEO, speak on reorganizing the post-purchase supply chain to achieve success with consumers.

With so many inspiring speakers, check out our top 13 sessions at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference:

Day 1 | May 14

The Digital Shake Out: Supply Chain’s Critical Role in the Fight for the Consumer

Speaker: Thomas O’Connor, Principal Research Analyst (Gartner)
11:45 AM, Consumer-Retail Track

Disruption is becoming the new normal in consumer-focused industries. Retail and consumer product business models are converging, each borrowing from the others playbook in a scramble for market share, all while new competitors continue to emerge. Uncover key actions supply chain leaders can take as they drive innovation and fight for consumer dollars in a world of unified commerce.

A Digital Strategy in Consumer Products Means Knowing Where to Place Your Bets

Speaker: Steven Steutermann, Managing VP (Gartner)
3:30 PM, Consumer-Retail Track

The promise of new digital capabilities coupled with rising expectations for cost savings and growth make digital decisions a priority for supply chain leaders. This session will discuss digital initiatives and their disruptions across the industry so that supply chain leaders can direct the right road map of improvements.

Winning With Deeper Retail-Supplier Collaboration

Speaker: Thomas O’Connor, Principal Research Analyst (Gartner); Beth Coppinger, Research Director (Gartner)
4:30 PM, Consumer-Retail Track

The importance of supply chain collaboration is growing as retailers and consumer products manufacturers address evolving consumer expectations, scale growth opportunities and deliver cost efficiencies in a dynamic market. Explore the current state of collaboration in consumer industries including barriers to success, key enablers and the types of collaboration that are delivering the most value.

Day 2 | May 15

Keynote: Move to Mastery: Innovate, Disrupt, and Scale the Digital Supply Chain

Speakers: Dana Stiffler, Research VP (Gartner); Ken Chadwick, Research VP (Gartner)
8:30 AM, Strategy & Leadership Track

Digital business is real, but how will supply chains innovate, disrupt and scale to create value? How can you leverage the power of people, organization, and technology to achieve the level of mastery required to succeed? The opening keynote will provide practical advice and inspiration – no matter where you are on your digital journey.

Reorganizing for Success in A Customer-Driven World

Speaker: Rob Taylor, CEO (Convey, Inc)
1:10 PM

Across industries, supply chain leaders are implementing customer-driven initiatives to appease the ever-increasing demands of end users. Balancing customer experience with operational objectives requires unprecedented visibility and multi-party collaboration. This presentation will walk through what it REALLY takes to put the customer at the center of supply chain planning, and how active delivery management is necessary to compete.

The A to Z of Competing With Online Giants

Speaker: Tom Enright, Research VP (Gartner)
2:30 PM, Customer Fulfillment & Collaboration Track

As major online sellers continue to enter new industries and dominate existing ones, affected companies struggle to develop supply chain strategies to remain competitive. This session will present a variety of effective strategies and tactics to enable companies to defend their market positioning, excel at customer service and redress the shifting balance in their favor.

Women in Ops Rise to the Top

Panel Discussion
3:30 PM, Logistics Track

According to the New York Times, there are more CEOs named John than there are female CEOs running large companies. Join this panel discussion to hear first hand from leading women in the supply chain industry who will discuss challenges, rewards, and a path to the C-suite.

Develop a Supply Chain Customer Experience Strategy to Succeed in Digital Business

Speaker: Lisa Callinan, Research Director (Gartner)
4:30 PM, Customer Fulfillment & Collaboration Track

A focus on delivering great customer experiences is critical to the development of a modern digital business but to date, supply chain has been stuck in the passenger seat. In this session, we’ll review the growing emphasis on CX for supply chain, how leading supply chains define their role in improving CX and best practices in building a supply chain CX strategy fit for the digital age.

Day 3 | May 16

Guest Keynote: How Operations Became a Topline Contributor to Nokia’s Growth

Speaker: Johannes Giloth,  Chief Procurement and Supplier Chain Officer (NOKIA)
9:00 AM 

Johannes Giloth says it’s time to embrace the disruption. In this session, he discusses how to approach digital operations with agility and openness in order to accelerate supply chain responsiveness.

The Case for Technology in Logistics: Ignite Innovation Within Your Organization

Speakers: Bart De Muynck, Research VP (Gartner); James Lisica, Research Director (Gartner)
11:30 AM, Technology Track

When creating a case for technology to logistics leaders, executives may face roadblocks. In this session, Bart and James will discuss how to create a buyer’s journey through communication, articulation of benefits and urgency to gain investment, and how to deploy various technologies.

Strategies in the face of ‘The Amazon Effect’: A 2018 Manufacturing Survey

Speaker: Dan Groneck, VP of Product Management (JDA Software)
1:05 PM, Supply Chain Planning Track 

It takes more than visibility to transform your digital supply chain. Today, supply chain digitalization is no longer a ‘nice to have.’ In this session, Dan will discuss how transforming your digital supply chain is a strategic mandate and a dramatic differentiator that drives revenue and market share growth.

How Demand Disruption Will Power the Future Supply Chain

Speaker: Tom Enright, Research VP (Gartner)
2:00 PM, Supply Chain Planning Track 

Companies across all industries need to embrace innovations such as the sharing economy, machine learning and social interactions to build their supply chain of the future. This session describes how the evolution in demand for people, products and services is disrupting existing supply chain operations and shaping a future model fundamentally dependent on a new definition of demand management.

Day 4 | May 17

Future Supply Chain 2028: Four Factors to Watch

Speaker: Michael Burkett, VP Distinguished Analyst (Gartner)
10:45 AM

What will the world look like 10 years from now and how will it shape the supply chain? The labor force is shrinking just as technology is rapidly changing. This session discusses how these and other factors combine to redefine business and supply chains in 2028.

A New Lens: Measure Your Supply Chain Performance Through the Eyes of Your Customer

Speaker: Lisa Callinan, Research Director (Gartner)
11:30 AM

Companies often talk about being customer-centric but many still struggle to define what this really means. Supply chain leaders need to change their focus from internal to external and measure success through the eyes of their customer. In this session they will outline those must-have performance metrics and why it takes a leap of faith to measure performance through a new lens.


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