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150+ Companies Attacking The Supply Chain & Logistics Space

From trucking to e-commerce logistics to enterprise resource planning, tech startups are disrupting the supply chain and logistics industry.

Supply chain and logistics tech companies have seen funding go up significantly over the past few years as the category gains momentum. Smart money VCs and corporate venture arms are both participating in the space, and full-year run-rate projections estimate over $5B will be invested across 315 deals in 2016, representing annual highs for both deals and dollars.

We used the CB Insights database to create a market map of supply chain and logistics private technology companies attacking the space.

Market Map of the Logistics Space

We define the supply chain and logistics category broadly to include companies that use software to improve efficiency across the supply chain and logistics ecosystem. However, we exclude on-demand companies restricted to specific verticals (e.g., we do not include those companies focused exclusively on restaurant or grocery delivery, or consumer moving companies).

The 156 companies included on our market map are a smaller subset of our complete list of private supply chain and logistics tech companies. We included companies in the map based on total and recency of funding, investor quality, and our Mosaic scoring tool, CB Insights’ proprietary algorithm that uses financial and nonfinancial signals to predict private company health. For more information on CB Insights Mosaic scoring tool read this. Read on for a description of all 8 categories within the map as well as a list of all companies represented.

The market map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space. Go to the original article to see the map.