Austin, TEXAS Oct. 31, 2018With holidays around the corner and customer expectations on the rise, Convey today launched its industry partner program to connect retailers and brands of all sizes with solution providers, carriers and systems integrators who can help them improve and optimize last mile delivery.

E-Commerce has not only changed consumer shopping habits, it has completely disrupted the delivery supply chain–particularly the last mile. As a result, fulfillment has become decentralized, delivery times continue to shrink, and consumers expect that any need can be met at any time.

To help brands address this complexity, Convey’s partner program brings together a diverse ecosystem of businesses with expertise in warehousing, order fulfillment, retail distribution, logistics and more. Member partners will co-develop solutions to better serve customer needs, and have access to Convey’s specialized sales, marketing and technical support, extending their core capabilities in delivery experience management, intelligence and automation.

With joint solutions from Convey and its partners, retailers and brands will gain greater visibility and control throughout the entire fulfillment lifecycle, enabling them to significantly improve workflows and outcomes, and to ultimately deploy new customer-centric offerings for self-service, customization and convenience.

As part of today’s announcement, Convey is announcing inaugural members of the Partner Program that include FLEXE, Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants and Estes Forwarding Worldwide.

“FLEXE has created the largest open network of connected warehouses, providing large retailers and e-commerce brands with programmatic access to massive scale and flexible fulfillment solutions,” said Ryan Morel, vice president of market development at FLEXE. “Working with Convey, we give our clients and their customers full visibility and control over the delivery experience in a way that isn’t possible with more traditional solutions.”

“Today, one of the biggest challenges for retailers and brands is the digitization of the supply chain and the need to provide a Prime-like delivery experience in a sustainable way,” Brian R. Neale, client executive at Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants. “Convey is one way we are helping our customers to solve this challenge.”

“Working with Convey, we give our clients and their customers full visibility and control over the delivery experience in a way that isn’t possible with more traditional solutions.” -Ryan Morel, FLEXE

“It’s no secret that consumer expectations are at an all time high. Our customers are laser-focused on ensuring the delivery experience is consistent with the promise they make pre-purchase,” Lance Harcrow, senior vice president of sales and operations at Estes Forwarding Worldwide. “At EFW, we prioritize investments in advanced technologies that help our customers deliver on those expectations. That’s why we’ve partnered with Convey, to help make our customer’s vision a reality.”

Already, nearly 700 users across 29 carriers log into Convey’s delivery management platform on a daily basis to collaborate and resolve customer issues 4X more efficiently than prior to Convey.

“We’re excited to formally launch our partner program, bringing together the world’s top experts and best practices in customer-centric supply chain operations,” Michael Miller, vice president of channels and alliances at Convey. “Today’s brands and retailers want to better understand and anticipate their customers’ needs, and to meet or exceed their last mile expectations. Our goal is to help them do that, more easily and efficiently than ever before.”

To learn more about how to apply to become part of the Convey Partner Program, visit:

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