Austin, TEXAS Feb. 25 2019 Convey, the leading provider of delivery experience management software, today announced the launch of appointment scheduling for white glove deliveries. Two months after implementing the feature, early adopters have seen a 7% increase in positive customer delivery feedback, and a 27% improvement in transit time for big and bulky deliveries such as furniture and appliances.

For retailers, providing a consistently positive brand experience across multiple carriers and delivery options is no small feat. While some carriers have developed their own appointment scheduling platforms, retailers have little visibility across providers to understand if a customer is experiencing a problem.

Convey is the first software platform that links carriers and retailers on a mass scale – translating raw data such as carrier routes and availability into user-friendly delivery options that retailers can share with customers.

For customers, booking appointments is no longer a hassle associated with fielding phone calls and juggling schedules. Self-service scheduling is offered through a branded tracking page, providing a consistent user experience regardless of which carrier or delivery option a retailer offers. Meanwhile, booking earlier in the process helps customers plan deliveries at more convenient times, resulting in fewer missed and rescheduled appointments.

For retailers, these capabilities improve customer satisfaction, speed transit times and reduce fees for missed appointments, storage and items returned to sender. Early results include:

  • 54% of appointments scheduled online
  • Appointments booked 73% (7 days) earlier
  • Appointments booked 2.6x (4 days) faster
  • Customers getting deliveries 27% (3 days) sooner

Convey’s solution is also a win-win for carriers who no longer have to make multiple phone calls to schedule deliveries, enabling them to plan routes earlier and more efficiently.

Today, it takes carriers an average of 2-4 calls to book a delivery appointment, a process that is costly and negatively impacts on-time performance and transit time. Each call costs carriers approximately $5, adding up to $10-20 in lost margin per delivery.

Among the first carriers to implement Convey’s self-service delivery appointment scheduling are Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery and Estes Forwarding Worldwide.

“Our retail customers are dealing with shoppers’ ever-increasing expectations around the delivery experience,” said Shawn Khan, President at Metropolitan Warehouse and Delivery. “Being an effective partner requires us to help our customers meet their promises, however possible. Convey’s innovative, cost-effective solutions help us do just that, by solving some of the biggest consumer challenges associated with large item, white glove delivery logistics.”

“As consumers get more comfortable ordering big and bulky items online, retailers are feeling the impact white glove delivery can have on their brand image, and their bottom line,” said Rob Taylor, CEO of Convey. “By giving shoppers control over their experience, retailers and carriers will realize efficiencies that improve customer loyalty while reducing operating costs.”

Convey’s delivery appointment scheduling is part of the company’s Engage product designed to help retailers effectively manage delivery expectations with transparency, proactivity and decisive action — driving lifetime value and reducing cost to serve.

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