Success Hinges on Making and Keeping Promises

Customers view delivery promises as a critical element when purchasing online. With new buying behaviors and even higher expectations intensifying the growing divide between customers’ expectations and delivery promises, retailers and brands are struggling to uphold their “order to delivery”. Customers thus, are increasingly skeptical with 71% having little faith that brands will deliver on their promises. What’s worse, only 34% believe that companies are transparent about their commitments and promises.

A one-of-a-kind partnership

To address these challenges, IBM Sterling and Convey have come together to offer a unified order to delivery solution for retailers committed to following through on their promises. 

A pre-built bi-directional connector enables a powerful integration through which Sterling customers can leverage the Convey data platform to achieve enhanced post-purchase order visibility and last mile delivery excellence, all from within Sterling OMS

Convey and IBM: Better Together

With the unified solution you can make ever more exciting promises with confidence based on a laser-focused view into your ecommerce network, automate workflows and have a predictive-intelligence potential to proactively address issues.

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Visibility + Data to Win The
Last Mile
With the ConveyPLUS Connector, Sterling customers can now leverage Convey to achieve enhanced post-purchase order visibility and last mile delivery excellence, all from within Sterling OMS.

Connect Convey to IBM Sterling Order Management to:

Obtain Complete Order Transparency
Provide complete order transparency to consumers before missing delivery expectations
Single Source of Truth
Provide a single source of truth, eliminate the swivel chair. Monitor order shipment status and display predicted delivery dates, original promise dates and final delivery details
Gain the Perfect Complement
Bringing the power of Convey’s best-in-class order tracking data into Sterling results:
• 50% reduction in time to resolution
• 30% reduction in WISMO calls
Get Smart About Delivery Information, Incite Sales
Convey’s in-transit data model
• Powers 50% more aggressive promise dates with 95% accuracy
• Identifies delays 33 hours earlier than your carrier
Analyze Last Mile Performance
Convey Discover is a business analysis tool built for the unique needs of retail’s last mile delivery
Get Up And Running Quickly
Our pre-built connector fast tracks time to value, no IT resource involvement
Make Proactive Decisions
Enhance your visibility with exception data regarding shipments in distress
And so much more…

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