It’s no secret that shoppers want ‘fast and free delivery’ or that Amazon has the resources to deliver more items at a faster rate. But does this mean that every retailer will be forced into a race to the bottom on cost, speed, and customer experience?

For our Third Annual Consumer Study, we surveyed over 2,500 shoppers to understand the impact of delivery on eCommerce conversion and loyalty. Learn about shopper wants, needs, and expectations during the holidays and throughout the year, and how to make supply chain trade-offs that enable your team to win customers — the ultimate objective of the last mile delivery wars.

Read the consumer research to learn:
  • Why more than 7% of shoppers are exclusively shopping with Amazon this holiday season
  • Which last-mile delivery option shoppers want 93% more than last year
  • What delivery strategies will boost shopper conversions throughout peak season and beyond

Cover Page for "Last Mile Delivery Wars: How To Keep Your Promises And Win With Reliability"