Retail TouchPoints 2019 Retail Customer Engagement Awards

In its 4th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Awards, Retail TouchPoints recognizes 10 retail companies that are taking innovative approaches to engage digitally demanding shoppers across channels. Read the report to see the winners of customer experience this year.

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Last Mile Delivery: What Shoppers Want & How to Save Retail

With never-ending news of major retail bankruptcies, the word “apocalypse” seemed to echo across every media outlet this year. As brands aim to up-end major competition and ever-rising consumer demands, we asked over 1,500 consumers the how, what, and why of their delivery experiences.

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Prepping for peak: A delivery action guide for retail

Ensure the best customer delivery experience every time. Download our action guide to learn how to identify common retail shipping exceptions, know when and how to react, and fill in a worksheet to personalize the action plan to your organization.

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eBook: A Guide to Creating Freight RFPs

In the Age of Amazon, shippers face numerous challenges as both transportation costs and and consumer demands rise. In this Freight RFPs 101 eBook, learn how to marry customer service and cost, addressing and mastering these topics the moment your carrier contracts begin. Use our free freight RFP template to reduce your carrier costs, and understand which questions to ask your team to optimize carrier mix according to your own customers' demands.

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Solving Satisfaction: Keys to Reducing Online Returns Anxiety

When ⅔ of shoppers (65.1%) are not likely to make another purchase from a retailer if they have a poor returns experience, the stakes are extremely high for retailers. Download our white paper to learn what 1,500 shoppers said gave them online returns anxieties, as well as how retailers can improve in the future.

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The Modern Customer Delivery Imperative

In order to find out customers' delivery demands during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year, we surveyed 3,000 people in two surveys. While we sought to identify the when, what, and why of consumer expectations, we found that consumers have three main asks for retailers: show them commitment, communication, and give them more control.

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Redefining Final Mile Delivery in the Age of the Customer

In a study co-authored by EFT and Convey, we asked 200 retail supply chain executives what they had to say about the evolving role of the customer experience in their operations. We found that retailers understand the importance of customer experience, but that current technologies are not addressing CX needs. The desire to improve the CX is often at odds with traditional operational metrics.

We address our findings in our research study, and we’re excited to announce its release. Click through to read!

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Transparent Customer Communication in Delivery

When it comes to delivering a superior direct-to-customer experience, the seller needs to maintain control. It’s essential that the merchant -- whether it’s a reseller or a brand -- has the ability to follow through and support the consumer both pre- and post-sale.

Once a consumer makes a purchase decision, whom they buy it from is greatly influenced by the following factors.

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Shifting the Holiday Delivery Experience Into High Gear

With the holidays around the corner, e-commerce purchases are off the charts -- however, consumers are wanting their products faster than ever before, and with a better experience than retailers are traditionally used to.

Download the report to learn how to improve the customer experience by owning the last mile, why you need to give holiday shoppers the shipping options they demand, and how to recognize and respond to delivery issues before they occur.

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