Become the MVP of Peak Season

The clock’s running out on 2017's peak season. Learn how top performing retailers are surmounting dizzying carrier delays to get presents under the tree in time.

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Delivery Expectations of the Online Power Shopper

With peak season deliveries shattering record numbers, 4 out of 10 shoppers are planning on doing the majority of their shopping online during the holidays. In order to accommodate these power shoppers’ delivery demands, it’s necessary to get into their heads.

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A Lifetime of Delivery Expectations

In a world where "fast" and "free" are commonplace, traditional delivery expectations are rapidly evolving. Millennials growing up in the digital era expect relevant shipping options, and shoppers of all ages have high expectations for delivery. Retailers must know their target customer and be ready to accommodate their delivery expectations to keep them a customer for life.

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Holiday Wish List: All I Want is My Delivery

When 32% of shoppers are more likely to blame a retailer for a bad delivery experience during the holiday season, nailing the delivery experience is imperative to ensure that shoppers return in January and beyond. Holiday shoppers are prepared to spend more in 2017, but their delivery expectations amplify, especially as December 25th looms closer.

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Communication 101: Successful Shopper-Retailer Relationships

The retailer-shopper relationship is a powerful bond -- shoppers are 73% more likely to return if they have a positive delivery experience -- but yet these relationships often fail. Like any great relationship, the primary key to success is to communicate actively and often. Read on to learn how. Read on to learn how shoppers want retailers to communicate with them.

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Diagnosing Delivery for Pharmaceuticals

With major pharmaceutical companies losing millions of dollars a year to spoiled inventory and regulatory fines, it is more important than ever to find effective biopharma shipping and cold-chain solutions. To protect your brand and your consumers in complex supply chains with multiple layers of distribution and disruption, the only way to ensure safety is visibility from production to ingestion.

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Retailers Report on Delivery

Shopper expectations are on the rise and post-purchase experiences can make or break a brand. In 2016, 89% of companies expected to compete on customer experience. Customer expectations are rising; retaining and growing loyalty is becoming more difficult.

To many, this will come in the form of various pre-purchase initiatives including things like better merchandising, site content, site personalization etc. But the delivery experience, while often overlooked as a cost center, is quite possibly the most impactful area to drive customer experience improvements.

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The 2016 Retail Holiday Delivery Experience

As we wrap up the 2016 holiday, we wanted to reflect on performance this season and provide tips for 2017.

As we round out the good, the bad, and the ugly customer experiences in retail holiday delivery, check out our predictions for the next year.

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Delivery for the Modern Shopper, Cart to Door

Rising customer expectations and competition from Amazon has spurred a near-universal race to the bottom in terms of free, fast shipping. The rush to satisfy demand, however, has left shoppers suffering from less than stellar delivery experiences.

Convey is a delivery experience platform that uses shipping data intelligence to improve these experiences cart-to-door, and recently released findings on shoppers' demands for retailers. Check them out in our infographic.

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