What’s in Our Name

I find it is always exciting to hear about the inspiration behind a company’s name. The naming of a company is a very personal and challenging experience for an owner. There is a lot of pressure to gift the perfect name to your creation to give it a fighting chance out of the starting gates. Accordingly, I thought it would be fitting to give you an explanation of our name as we introduce ourselves to the freight industry.

Tables and Pies

Our name was inspired by one of the most powerful tools available to a business; some of which may not know they have hiding in their computer right now: the pivot table. A pivot table can automatically sort, count, total or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet and displays the results in a second table (called a “pivot table”) showing the summarized data.

A seemingly small feature buried within a spreadsheet application may understandably raise some eyebrows. However we find it fascinating that endless amounts of useless data can be transformed into a simple, powerful source of information in a couple of clicks. They also require a good deal of mastery to use properly, so we have found them an essential tool to gauge how “advanced” a user of excel really is.

Our love of pivot tables, and other powerful analytical tools has benefited many companies that we have worked for and with over the years which is why Pivot shot its way to the top of our name selection pile.

Garages and Ramen

In our search for our name we also noticed that it happens to be one of the most popular startup phrases coined by Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup. According to Ries, “the pivot is a structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth.”

Since the aim of any new startup is to introduce an entirely new concept and business model to an industry, we became overwhelmingly excited that our chosen name had significant meaning within the startup community. In addition, our business model happens to be very different than what currently exists. This throws us in uncharted waters deploying a radical new theory to not just a company, but an entire industry.

Levers and Bones

The last and most literal meaning of our name is the center point of any rotational system. To put into perspective how vital a pivot is, imagine how useful your arms and legs would be without joints. Within the Less than Truckload industry, a pivot is the most significant differentiator between other modes of freight transportation as it connects a vast hub and spoke system. Without pivots you would have a conglomeration of trucks moving around in complete chaos.

The Short Version

We are a new startup named Pivot Freight, founded on our knowledge of analytics and freight that aims to be an indispensable partner to our customers, carriers and employees. Come say hello to us at pivotfreight.com and “Change Direction!”

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About the Author

Dan Bebout

Dan brings a decade of experience in successfully growing manufacturing and logistics companies. Most recently, Dan founded Pivot Freight with the experience and knowledge gained from years in procurement, pricing and supply chain. Prior, he co-founded a residential concrete company using lean processes that saw rapid growth and expansion in its first year. Dan Bebout on LinkedIn