The Shoptalk Sessions We Are Most Excited About

Shoptalk 2016, coming up on May 15th, is quickly turning into the must-attend show of the year and for good reason. With a lineup that includes some of the best in retail, technology and even Lionel Richie, what’s not to love?shoptalk-2016 With more than 100 sessions over the course of 3 days, we wanted to share the sessions we are most excited to attend.


Jerry Storch, CEO, Hudson’s Bay Company’s Opening Keynote

Hudson’s bay has been making headlines recently as the emerging leader in ecommerce distribution technology. Given HBC’s expertise in personalization, mobile and investment in distribution technologies this session will not disappoint. After a killer 2015 (48.5% digital sales growth), we are excited to hear what is next.

Session 3, Track 3: Driving Repeat Purchases—Loyalty, Replenishment and More

As we know well, driving loyalty is more important, and more difficult, than ever before. This session features discussion of how engagement, personalization, and subscription services can be used to drive loyalty. Delivery experiences are often one of the most influential forces determining whether a shopper will return. We are interested to hear how leaders like Adidas Group and Quidsi are attacking this topic and where delivery plays a role.

Session 6, Track 2B: Reinventing Product Returns

Returns are a huge challenge for both retailers and consumers. Large-item returns are so complex it made our recent list of the top 3 challenges large-item retailers need to overcome. In fact, shoppers who return products deserve extra attention as they are often the most likely to make repeat purchases. We are excited to hear how others in the industry are thinking about this problem.  


Session 1, Track 1: Executive Perspectives: Conversation with Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently released a new feature of their Messenger product that allows business to deliver automated customer support and ecommerce guidance to customers on Messenger. This has incredible implications for how customers will interact with customer service in the future and we can’t wait to learn more.

Session 4, Track 4: Tapping into Millennial Mindshare

Millennials are continuing to be one of the most sought-after demographics. As they are quickly taking over the prime purchasing age group, retailers must learn how to cater their experiences to these digital natives with expectations higher than any previous generation. The panelists from Express, Combatant Gentlemen, Jack Threads and American Giant have all been successful at winning over this demographic and will be sharing their experiences.

Session 5, Track 3: Trends in Same-Day Delivery

You can’t be in the delivery and fulfillment industry and not follow the same-day delivery trend. With instant gratification becoming the norm, organizations need to understand how the expectations around same-day delivery, and delivery speed in general, are going to affect their business and operating costs. This panel features some interesting start-ups in the on-demand delivery space who are well versed in the complexity as well as the potential this mode of delivery has for customer engagement and ecommerce.

What sessions are you most excited about? Check out the full agenda on Shoptalk’s website.

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