Logistics & Operational Efficiency

Gearing up for NASSTRAC Shippers Conference

NASSTRAC's 2018 Annual Shippers Conference & Transportation Expo is right around the corner. Be sure to check out our session during the show: Rob Taylor, Convey's CEO, is discussing what defines a customer-centric supply chain strategy and how human, process, and technology considerations factor in to increase competitive advantages.

With so many great sessions to see, we picked out a few must see sessions for our Nasstrac Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo agenda.

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10 Sessions to Not Miss on the Home Delivery World Agenda

If you're looking for a show that brings together innovators and solutions for last mile operations challenges, Home Delivery World has it covered. In addition to our session with Chris Richter and La-Z-Boy's Kim Ballewske, be sure to look out for the sessions on our ultimate Home Delivery World agenda.

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“Everything came together painlessly.”

“There were 'no surprises' during the implementation. Everything came together painlessly. That is almost unheard of during technology implementations. We are very NPS [Net Promoter Score] driven and we follow up on any NPS detractor. Without a doubt, our number-one complaint has been with delivery. People get angry when their products don't get there on time. The Convey solution provides automated, intelligent delivery choices that optimize the overall decision each time. The solution has helped get products to consumers faster through optimized shipping decision execution and extraordinary delivery communications.”

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CommerceHub Announces Convey Partnership, Enhanced Delivery CX

CommerceHub, Inc. and Convey, Inc. announced a strategic partnership, combining CommerceHub's leading drop-ship technology with an offering of Convey's active delivery management solution. The joint offering will provide CommerceHub’s omnichannel retail clients with exceptional last-mile delivery experience, especially for large-item delivery.

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Retail Delivery Statistics

Convey has compiled a list of retail delivery statistics, outlining online shopping behavior. Uncover the latest stats here from top retail surveys such as the NRF, UPS, and more.

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Congressional Hearing: Tech’s Impact on Retail Operations

On March 7, 2018 Convey participated in a congressional hearing reviewing the impact of emerging technology on retail operations and logistics. The goal of this hearing was to brief the house subcommittee on digital commerce and consumer protection on the trends impacting the rise of online shopping and how those trends impact transportation in particular and the rise of various types of risks to consumers as a result.

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