“Everything came together painlessly.”

“There were 'no surprises' during the implementation. Everything came together painlessly. That is almost unheard of during technology implementations. We are very NPS [Net Promoter Score] driven and we follow up on any NPS detractor. Without a doubt, our number-one complaint has been with delivery. People get angry when their products don't get there on time. The Convey solution provides automated, intelligent delivery choices that optimize the overall decision each time. The solution has helped get products to consumers faster through optimized shipping decision execution and extraordinary delivery communications.”

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Retail Delivery Statistics

Convey has compiled a list of retail delivery statistics, outlining online shopping behavior. Uncover the latest stats here from top retail surveys such as the NRF, UPS, and more.

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Congressional Hearing: Tech’s Impact on Retail Operations

On March 7, 2018 Convey participated in a congressional hearing reviewing the impact of emerging technology on retail operations and logistics. The goal of this hearing was to brief the house subcommittee on digital commerce and consumer protection on the trends impacting the rise of online shopping and how those trends impact transportation in particular and the rise of various types of risks to consumers as a result.

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Calculator: How many outcomes could you impact with Convey?

Convey products exist to create better outcomes. To create better outcomes one must first know where issues are occurring and how frequently.

We’ve found that most shippers we speak to understand the need to improve the delivery experience but most don’t have the visibility to know exactly how many issues are occurring or even what is causing them. To help shine a light on this information gap, we’ve created this issues calculator to help estimate the type and quantity of exceptions you’re likely experiencing.

Simply plug in your annual parcel and freight shipment volume and we will estimate your most common issues based on what we've seen across our clients.

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Customer Experience a Key Aspect of Retail Supply Chain Operations

Retailers are having a hard time updating their supply chain systems and technologies to keep up with the new reality of heightened customer expectations in an era of digital disruption but are feeling increased pressure to do so quickly, according to a new survey from Convey.

The survey, which polled supply chain executives from 200 retailers, found the convergence of customer experience (CX) and supply chain is forcing companies to rethink legacy technologies and processes as they adapt to the new anytime, anywhere, anyhow shopping paradigm.

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Final-mile customer experience challenging retailers

While most retailers understand the importance of providing a consistently positive customer experience, many struggle with legacy technology that fails to address customer experience (CX) needs for e-commerce deliveries. This issue is compounded by the desire to invest in innovation without sacrificing traditional operational metrics.

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“Convey [has improved] the experience for our large-item shoppers”

“Convey’s Delivery Platform has allowed us to continue to improve the post-purchase experience our large-item shoppers. We are excited about the opportunities we have to continue to leverage Convey’s delivery intelligence to continue to improve the experience by addressing common return complaints with our white label product manufacturers, offering more personalized delivery options to shoppers in cart, and identifying loss-leading and damage prone lanes.”

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“We are always looking for new ways to differentiate.”

“At Living Direct we are always looking for new ways to differentiate. When we came across Convey’s Intelligent Fulfillment Platform it was obvious that it could have a significant impact on the experience we offer our customers. We are most excited about the opportunities we have to leverage Convey’s carrier intelligence to improve the experience both at checkout and beyond.”

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