Sessions to be Excited About: Retail Delivery Connect 2016

Now in its second year, Worldwide Business Research’s Retail Delivery Connect conference is gearing up to bring 65 of North America’s most influential and innovative retail executives into one venue to discuss what’s next in supply chain. The conference takes place Aug. 22-24 in Miami.

Retail Delivery ConnectThe world of retail continues to witness tremendous change, from impactful acquisitions to the nearly daily debut of new technologies ready to solve every pain point retailers can think of. In the midst of all of this, retail operations and delivery is undergoing profound changes, and the conference will highlight these shifts.

With 65 of North America’s best retail leaders including Men’s Warehouse, Ralph Lauren, The Home Depot and among others, Retail Delivery Connect promises to provide invaluable insight for what is next in the world of retail delivery. Here are some of the sessions we are most excited to attend:

Day OneMonday August 22

2:30 p.m. – Heavyweight eCommerce – Challenges and Opportunities

BuildDirect’s Chief Operating Officer will discuss how BuildDirect has revamped their last-mile strategy to create greater customer satisfaction, bring down costs and speed up delivery.  Specifically, this session will touch on:

  • The challenges for heavyweight goods delivered directly to the home
  • The tradeoffs of delivering to home vs. BOPUS (buy online pick-up in store)
  • How retailers can best optimize the opportunities with heavyweight goods

Day Two – Tuesday August 23

11:30 a.m. – eCommerce Inventory Planning and Deployment- The Challenges And Opportunities

Walmart Labs’ Director of Product and Engineering, Jagtej Bewli, will share Walmart’s approach to optimize ordering, delivery and returns with an intelligence-driven approach

 4:30 p.m. – Customer Options and Home Depot’s Delivery Transformation

During this case study presentation, The Home Depot’s Sr. Director of Supply Chain, Colby Chiles, will highlight how the retailer has transformed its operations by:

  • Building a flexible set of customer options for pickup and delivery
  • Leveraging stores, DCs, and vendors to meet customer promise profitably
  • Linking delivery/omni-channel capabilities to merchandising strategy

Day Three – Wednesday August 24

8:45 a.m. –’s API: How Partner-Focused Technology Is Transforming The Marketplace

During this “Innovator Case Study” presentation, will discuss how their API systems allows delivery providers to reach merchants and meet their needs, from logistical services to order fulfillment. This session will explore:

  • How to effectively provide technology support for partners when coding to API and for merchants when using last mile services
  • Developing easy-to-use and flexible interface on which merchants can manage their last mile delivery needs
  • Enabling merchants and users to track delivery progress in real-time

What are your retail organization’s concerns for the future of supply chain and customer delivery? Connect with us ahead of Retail Delivery Connect to see how we can work together on creating an end-to-end delivery strategy for your company.

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