The Urgency to Modernize Retail Transportation

Transformation is in the Air

Technology and the expectations of the modern consumer are forcing a massive transformation in transportation. We are now at a tipping point as cloud, APIs, big data and even artificial intelligence rapidly make their way into transportation. One recent example is Amazon’s “omnichannel tax”, and its effect on other major retailers. One of Amazon’s largest victims, Walmart, took a big hit on the market last week. They plan on accelerating their adoption of omnichannel technologies with a fresh $2B commitment. A new approach, framework, infrastructure and business model powered by technology will be required. One article went as far to say their entire business model was being “Smashed to Pieces”. They are not alone. All major omnichannel retailers are feeling this urgency.

At the current pace of innovation, it is a challenge to keep up with these core technologies. How do you prioritize which technologies are most urgent for your business? Looking at this topic with a hybrid customer experience and transportation lens, we have developed this “Journey to Transportation Modernization” chart.

We believe there should be two key goals for any enterprise fulfillment or transportation operation:

  • “Control” – Know that you have the ability to quickly activate any strategies of the executive team and shifts of the network. Underpinning investment commitments must be able to change rapidly.
  • “Responsiveness” – This is key in an era where the “buy anytime, anywhere” mentality is driving a rapid change. There is a need for flexibility – add modes and make real time intelligent decisions to “personalize fulfillment” for the shopper. Proactively respond to exceptions and reroute shipments.

With all of this in mind, we hope that this is a useful guide:
(Download friendly PDF version of this guide – Transportation Modernization)

Retail and eCommerce Transportation Modernization

We love to engage with fellow thought leaders in logistics, transportation, fulfillment and operations. We would be happy to walk through this model in more detail and talk about how our team of technology, retail eCommerce, data science and retail transportation experts are building a platform to enable this transformation.

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