Home Delivery World West 2016: Dissecting Delivery

For retailers, delivery is more than just a single touchpoint in which to engage with the consumer, it is a complete cycle that encompasses a retailer’s entire organization from its supply chain department to the consumer-facing side of the company — in this case the consumer’s front doorstep.

Now in its fourth year, Home Delivery World West 2016, which begins Aug. 31, will bring together retailers, etailers, grocers and solution providers for a two-day networking and session-intensive conference designed to discuss challenges and trends in delivery operations. With notable retailers in attendance including Sephora, BirchBox and Under Armour among others, this conference is sure to deliver unique insights into the most compelling trends and challenges when it comes to delivery. With the event just around the corner, we wanted to highlight a few sessions we will be paying close attention to during this conference.


2:45 p.m. – Case study: Defining White Glove Delivery Services – Should there be industry standards and definitions

During this case study presentation, BuildDirect’s Chief Operations Officer, Jim Hourigan, will explore the current state of white glove delivery services and explore what’s ahead for the future of white glove delivery. Hourigan will describe how to create an effective supply chain strategy to support specialized white glove delivery services and answer the following questions:

  • Are customers confused when it comes to white glove deliver— can retailers make it easier and simpler to understand?
  • Will the industry want to adopt standards for white glove delivery – what are the consequences?
  • What should be the next steps when it comes to white glove delivery?

3:10 p.m. – Case study: Challenges of the last mile delivery in serving e-commerce business

RebBubble’s Vice President and Head of Supply Chain and Quality Assurance, Arnaud Deshais, will discuss how consumer convenience and cost reduction have led to the emergence of multiple delivery models. Deshais will discuss how consumer convenience and cost reduction trends have led to the emergence of multiple delivery models. He will also highlight how the last mile holds the key to the consumer experience and alternatives to home delivery such as click and collect and smart lockers.

5:20 p.m. – Keynote address: 2016 – The year of the connected customer revolution

To date, 2016 has been extremely consumer-centric. Consumers have call the shots on everything from delivery preferences to demanding real-time updates on their purchased goods. During this keynote presentation, JackThread’s Customer Engagement Manager, David Tull, will talk about how to evolve and develop the ability to maintain and foster 1-to-1 customer relationships in the age of the consumer. His presentation will touch on key consumer trends including:

  • Real time, accurate product location and availability
  • Data mining for customer preference on shipping cost/method
  • Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter, Instagram engagement


1:50 p.m. – Case study: Creating a Superior Supply Chain through Innovation

In this presentation, University of San Diego Supply Chain Management Institute’s Managing Director, Joel Sutherland, will provide best practices for creating an advanced supply chain operations practice. Key topics discussed will include:

  • Applying new tactics to gain a competitive advantage
  • Capturing market share by providing greater value
  • Enhancing profit contribution by growing revenue while reducing costs
  • Innovation for survival in the world of supply chain

What are the delivery trends and challenges you are seeing in your retail operation? Connect with us today to learn how you can answer your consumers’ delivery needs by enhancing your delivery operations.

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