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Home delivery has been all over the news this month. This is unsurprising as delivery is quickly becoming next big battleground in retail. Retailers and solution providers alike are attempting to keep pace with growing customer expectations to drive loyalty.

Missed the news? Here are a few highlights.

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Conquering the Last Mile: Build.com Cuts Costs, Delights Customers:

Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief at Retail Touchpoints, starts this article by saying, “In recent conversations with retailers and other industry executives, the topic of “last mile” has consistently risen to the surface as a new retail battleground — one where every retailer can compete against Amazon’s fulfillment, delivery and returns offerings. It’s literally the last chance to satisfy the customer and the last interaction that can turn a good experience into a bad one.” She’s not wrong. She goes on to detail how Build.com’s partnership with Convey is helping to overcome these issues to improve the customer experience while still cutting costs.

Online Shoppers Want Delivery Faster, Cheaper, Survey Shows:

In this Wall Street Journal article, Loretta Chao, gives an overview of a new survey which found that the amount of time shoppers’ are willing to wait for a delivery has dropped by more than 12% since 2012. Additionally, the impact of shipping on conversion is increasing. In fact, over half of shoppers said that they browse products online based on available shipping methods. The article goes on to discuss how delivering on these rising expectations is driving up costs. This is particularly challenging for sellers of “hard-to-deliver” items such as home improvement goods and furnishings – a category predicted to see a rapid increase in demand from online shoppers over the next year.

The Critical Factor for Consumers When Shopping Online Is…:

This article in Chain Store Age, highlights our recent research and infographic that focuses on shopper expectations for delivery. Key findings of the survey include: 66% of e-commerce shoppers consider delivery a decisive factor when shopping online while 70% of consumers report they are unlikely to return after a poor experience. The infographic outlines keys to ensuring that the delivery experience meets expectations.

Consumers Abandoning Shopping Carts Due to Slow Delivery Times

This Multichannel Merchant article outlines findings from recent Dropoff survey that found that as many as 60% of shoppers are passing on a purchase from a retailer due to slow delivery times. Additionally, respondents reported that faster delivery times have an impact on long-term loyalty. Beyond speed, the technology and professionalism in communication matter as 95% report being able to track their package as important.

Here Come Increased Online Shipping Costs of Patio Furniture

This article in Multichannel Merchant really hones in on what the Wall Street Journal article briefly hit on. As online sales of large-ticket items (home furnishings, furniture, and home improvement) continue to grow at double digit speed through 2018, the costs of delivering these goods is continuing to be a barrier. Fedex and UPS have modified their accessorials to reflect the changing online order preferences and more and more packages are now qualifying for additional handling charges. What this means for shippers is that they will need to focus on optimization in this area. This includes regular performance and cost reviews, mode-optimization, evaluation of the carrier network.

Fulfillment Platform Helps Build.com Improve Delivery Experience

In this week’s episode of Total Retail Talks, Joe Keenen interviewed  Marshal Downey, the Director of Direct Marketing at Build.com, to discuss how Convey’s intelligent fulfillment platform is helping them better meet the demands of its customers. Key highlights include a significantly reduced freight bill, faster delivery times, and a reduction in damage claims.

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