Introducing the “Beer and Dev Blog”

Who are we?

At Pivot Freight our vision is to have every shipment in the world captured and analyzed by our platform, enabling a fully transparent, dynamic transportation ecosystem and becoming the network hub for global in-transit shipment visibility and control.

We do this by building cloud-based products focused on visibility and control:

  • Visibility: identify immediate opportunities by visualizing the entire in-transit supply chain, across carriers, suppliers and modes.
  • Control: restore control of a burgeoning supplier network through an elegant shipping platform that uses algorithmic decisioning for all inbound, drop ship and returns.

To support this vision we’re a building a fun loving engineering team that first and foremost wants to focus on creating customer value, solving interesting technical problems and doing things right.

What is this blog?

Each day we depend on others that built and released great open source projects, wrote blog posts and Stack Overflow replies so that we can spend our limited time and resources on what matters most.

Beer and Dev Blog

This blog, “Beer and Dev Blog”, along with open source software that we will be releasing is our modest attempt at contributing back to the software community that we’ve been so grateful to during our careers. Our goal with this dev blog is to share useful tips and lessons learned that we experienced first-hand, and attempt to create a repository of posts that we would ourselves find helpful for the task at hand through a Google search. That’s about it!

We expect that most topics will follow what we’re working on at the time, but generally gravitate to the technologies that we use most: Java, DevOps, Dropwizard, Docker, Salt, PHP, Bootstrap, Event & Data Processing, Nginx, SQL (Postgres) and NoSQL; along with general software engineering, design and management topics.

What’s in the name?

Writing one blog post is fairly easy. But to keep a stream of quality blog posts over a long period of time is hard.

So we’re doing something a bit different and uniquely Pivot Freight: most Friday afternoons we will pick a good spot in Downtown Austin (our office headquarters are located at the heart of Austin, a city we love), have a beer and write a blog post. We think beers and blog posts go well together, especially when wrapping up busy weeks. Naturally we’ve referred to it as “Beer and Dev Blog” session and hence the name.

We’re going to target an average of one blog post per week, so expect the first one this week!


About the Author


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